Zootility Careful Key - Antimicrobial Keychain Tool

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Copper is antimicrobial · Open a door, push buttons, or use as a stylus.
Careful Key lends a hand to keep you at a safer distance from germs. The Made-in-the-USA keychain is laser cut from antimicrobial copper, and has a hooked design made to open a door, press a button, and even work as a stylus so you can keep your hands off surfaces.
  • Made in the USA: Portland, ME
  • Use the key to open doors or press buttons to avoid using your hands. May also be used as a stylus on touch screens
  • Copper helps prevent the spread of germs because it naturally disinfects overtime
  • Attaches conveniently to keychains, carabiners, or retractable pocket clips
  • Laser cut, ergonomic design from solid 260 brass (70% copper)
  • Please note: While copper will naturally disinfect over time, it is not a replacement for washing with soap or disinfecting with sanitizer
Materials- 260 brass (70% copper)
Care- Careful Key Antimicrobial Door Opener will self-disinfect in around two hours. Wash with soap and water
Dimensions- 3.25" x 1.25" x 0.125"
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